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The Chief 

The Chief, is the 1st painting in my new Car Parts series. I'm really excited about this new series. It's about time that I, a Detroit born artist, started painting cars, right!?

The Chief Print with frame.png

The painting is a 16”x20” acrylic depiction of an early 1950's Pontiac Chieftan hood ornament. Back when auto design was really cool. It is a closeup of a vintage hood ornament and surrounding chrome. This was one of the early and stunning amber Lucite chieftans.


I am embarking on a parallel journey to my I DO Know Jack! series by doing studies of closeups that celebrate the beauty of automobile design with an emphasis on chrome. I am enamored with chrome for so many reasons but the foremost reason is the surrealistic feeling generated by seeing abstract reflections of elements beyond the edges of the painting... the world that I as an artist, get to share with the observer. 

This print is my first open edition release instead of my usual very limited edition prints. While these are not signed and numbered, I do in fact sign each of the prints. They are 11"x14" and suitable for framing. (Frame not included). The image size is 8"x10".


The prints are available NOW! Retail price for the paper print is $25 each and are available here or in person at The Detroit Shoppe at Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. Shipping in the US is free!



  • If you are looking for the signed and numbered fine art limited edition print of The Chief, click here.

  • The open edition paper print will be mailed in a large envelope with a cardboard backer.

  • Wholesale pricing for businesses is available for quantities 10 and higher. Please email me.

  • The original painting is still available for purchase as of January 24, 2022.

  • If you have any questions, please email me at and enter The Chief in the subject line.

The Chief

Paper Print Hand Signed

Size - 11" x 14"

Image size - 8"x10"

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